How it Works:

1. Coach / Trainer registration. Enter personal data to set VisualFisic in motion and to customize your client's training session viewer form.

2. Client / Athlete registration. Athletes that are going to receive your training assessment.

3. Folder generation for the best classification of your training sessions.

4. Training session generation: Set searching criteria that will let you find the exercise that your are looking for. Distribute your chosen exercises into the training session template and introduce any specific commentary for each of them (series, reps., weights, effort and recovery time, …)

5. Schedule training sessions for every athlete.

1 Trainer registration
Becoming a user of is very easy. First of all you have to register yourself as a user, filling the form and choosing the payment modality most convenient for you.
2 Client management
Register your clients with compulsory data for the correct functionality of VisualFisic (email, contact language, ...) and other optional information.
3 Session design
Organize VisualFisic as you wish, creating the folders where you'll want to save the training sessions, classifying them by client, sport or training type. The easiest way for you. We recommend you to create folders by working goals or training session type, because one single session may be assigned to more than one athlete or done at different days during the season. This way, you will avoid having to make a copy to re-schedule it.
4 Schedule a session to a client
  1. Select a training date for the session you have prepared.
  2. Select a client / athlete.
  3. Open the folder where you have filed your session.
  4. Choose the session.
  5. Enter any observation that you want to send to your client to ensure the correct realization of the exercises.
  6. Press button to schedule the session.
  7. 7- Your client will receive a message and will then be able to connect to VisualFisic to view the training session.

Thousands of exercise videos

Guided search of the available exercises of any sport discipline created by well known professionals.

Planning your training sessions

Organize the training session schedule of your clients following a short and simple procedure.

Customized form for training session consultation by athletes

Athlete consulting form for the visualization of training sessions can be customized by the coach or trainer (corporative image).